From Marketing Overwhelm to Analytics Delight: Marcy Swallows' Case Study

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 In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, consistency and analytics-driven decision-making can be challenging for even the most skilled professionals. Marcy Swallows, a VA/OBM & Dubsado specialist and CEO at Crossroads Virtual Solutions, was no exception. She faced the daunting task of maintaining social media consistency, boosting brand awareness, and engaging with her audience while juggling the demands of a thriving business and family life.



Feeling overwhelmed and torn between family and business priorities, Marcy struggled to maintain a consistent social media presence. She yearned for a solution that would not only increase her content's reach and engagement but also deliver measurable results.



To address Marcy's challenges, Shauna, an organic growth marketer, embarked on a transformative journey. They refined Marcy's client avatar, conducted a comprehensive content marketing audit, and developed a strategic plan tailored to her specific needs. This approach not only brought clarity to her content creation but also introduced systems and processes that streamlined her marketing operations.


Tactical Transformation:

One of the notable outcomes was the enhancement of Marcy's analytics and content-driven decision-making. With a data-driven focus, her posts began to see remarkable increases in engagement and reach. The ability to optimize content through repurposing strategies and aligning her marketing activities with her day-to-day schedule brought a tangible improvement to her business.




Some of my biggest takeaways are learning how to create content that feels good to me & not like a chore, having a content creation schedule that works with MY timeframe & not how often I think I should be doing it. Just simplifying how & where I show up. Shauna was so open, honest, and almost always available when I had questions. She is always eager and enthusiastic to help you find what will work best for you." - Marcy Swallows


"I can quickly see what content I still need to create, if the graphics have been done yet & if it's been scheduled or not. I was struggling to not only stay consistent with my social media but organizing everything was even worse. I had another system that was okay... But nothing compares to what Shauna created for me! Shauna helped me to stay on track & even have fun while I'm doing it!" - Marcy Swallows


Analytical Glee:

What truly delighted Marcy was the organized analytics and processes that came with the revamped marketing strategy. The highly intuitive and visually appealing back-end systems, aligned with her Dubsado expertise, made it a seamless experience for her audience when they were ready to take the next step in working with her.



Marcy now feels more organized, confident, and prepared to take her marketing to the next level. Her post engagement and reach have seen significant increases, and she has a system that ensures her marketing strategy grows with her as she scales her business. She's eager to explore new marketing strategies, like reels, podcasts, and video content, to continue growing her reach and lead generation. 


The Power of Organized Storage:

One of the key elements in Marcy's marketing transformation was the creation of a repurposable 12-month content calendar using AirTable. This calendar serves as a road map for her content, capturing essential details like the date, platform, type, caption, text overlay, graphics, stage or process, contributor/teammate, and hyperlinks. With this well-organized system, Marcy gained more than just content planning; she now has a marketing repository that includes her blogs, podcast appearances, and other marketing assets. This repository isn't just for storage; it's a valuable resource for optimizing her website through SEO back/cross-linking, streamlining her content creation process, and ensuring her marketing activities are as efficient as they are effective.



In this journey from overwhelm to analytics delight, Marcy Swallows, a dedicated VA/OBM & Dubsado specialist, not only found the consistency and confidence she sought but also a well-organized, data-driven approach to her marketing. Her business has thrived, and her family enjoys the benefits of a guilt-free day off while her prospects are nurtured. Marcy's success story is a testament to the power of a holistic marketing approach that combines tactical improvements with personal and professional balance.


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