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Shauna, a white, freckled woman with a long dark blond braid is sitting back on a table with the words "Portfolio: Samples, case studies & client successes" written next to her smiling face. She is wearing a yellow, long sleeved sun dress, black leggings & gold, feather earrings.

  So you're hoping to learn more about what SLA Marketing Confidence an do for you, eh?

Trying to find out if we're a good fit?

Smart cookie!

Below, you will find a variety of projects that showcase some of the client successes we have had in the past.

This document is always being added to so come back regularly to see what's cooking.


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, consistency & analytics-driven decision-making can be challenging for even the most skilled professionals. Marcy's success story shows the power of a holistic marketing approach that combines tactical improvements with personal & professional balance.




More coming!



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